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Healthcare with a Heart!

Hello, I’m Ann M. Richardson, MBA, founder of LeadWell Healthcare Consultants. Healthcare Systems Transformation & Operations Consultant and Fierce Patient Advocate. 

“Often referred to as the Doctor Whisperer, Ann is a clinically savvy, trusted partner committed to exceeding expectations while keeping physicians, care teams, and patients’ interests at the center of decision-making.”

25+ Years of Healthcare Administration

I am an innovative, creative thinker who leverages a consultative approach drawing on 25+ years of healthcare administration. My passion is leading multi-disciplinary teams to strategize processes for access to safe, timely, and high-quality care. Along with key stakeholders, I assess and evaluate technology to enhance and support clinical and administrative performance.

Change Management

As a change management facilitator, coach, builder, and promoter of clinical programs, I create infrastructure, define roles, and recruit top-performing teams that uphold high standards of integrity and patient advocacy.

Collaborative Relationship Builder

Collaborative relationship-builder and decisive partner. Giving voice to difficult ideas, finding consensus, and bringing stakeholders together in delivering value to patients and the care team, with the utmost integrity and commitment to service.

Physician & Care Team Advocacy

I am a believer in physician and care team advocacy to successfully implement patient-centric advocacy models of care. I use a “big eyes and big ears” approach to uncover countless opportunities for improvement and engagement. Utilizing a “pull method,” bottoms-up systems-based approach where the voice of frontline workers directs and implements necessary changes.

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Services Offered

Shown below are the services that I offer. Stay tuned for our Service pages coming soon!


career advisory

Physician Contract Review

Interim Leadership

Podcast Guest



healthcare Tech/Innovation Advisory

legal/Regulatory navigation

Fractional Leadership

content writing

Conference Panelist

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Healthcare professionals at every level are discussing topics of importance to the well-being of physicians, frontline workers, and organizations. Join me in discussing how we can transform healthcare systems at every level through the voice of those who perform the work.


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